It’s Me ~ShellyB~💋
Some of you know me as Michelle, some of you don’t know me at all. But I’m about to change that!

~ShellyB~💋 is simply an easy way to get to know me! 

First let me say that most recently many of you have recently started following my jewelry blog & I want to Say Welcome & Thank You! 

So back to me LOL.. I’m the creative behind this Blog and website. So no branding or marketing company here, just me ~ShellyB~💋

LeLux is the Brand, Jewelry & Accessories is the game. I personally design & make all the jewelry sold on LELUXJEWELRY.COM

Outside of the jewelry business, I’m a wife & mother who needs a good glass of wine daily, loves getting fresh flower bouquets from my husband and a good ribeye steak dinner from Ruth Chris makes me oh so happy (sorry to my vegan friends). I find inspiration from, travel, culture & music. 

Most of all I Love Love a complete fashionable look. For as long as I can remember I have always obsessed about the little things, so that’s where jewelry & accessories come into the equation. 

See in my opinion a look is never complete with a simple dress or blouse and jeans, I simply can not fathom the thought of getting dressed daily without the ability to wear jewelry that reflects my style and character. 

Now I know in this big world we live and thrive in there are many who can agree and of course those who will disagree, but if you know you know … no look is complete without jewelry & accessories. 

For this reason I have committed to bringing my customers jewelry that provides solutions. Jewelry that add value and gives a sense of satisfaction to that last once over look in the mirror before leaving the house. 

Now that I have disclosed a bit about myself, it’s time for you to share with me, in the comments below. What completes your look? Is it your shoes, handbag, jacket, accessories? Whatever it is now’s the time to sound off.